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Ingredients including Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid and higher dose of biotin secure faster hair growth.

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Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B12 together with Folic Acid and Vitamin D prevent hair breakage. As a result, hair is strong and without split ends.

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Healthy hair skin is an essential for strong hair. Boosted dose of Retinol (Vitamin A) as well as Vitamin E and Folic Acid contributes to nourish hair skin.

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Do you wish to have shinier hair? Bloom Hair vitamins solve this problem. Our Vitamins nourish the hair inside out which plays an important role.

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Active combination of Biotin, Vitamin D, C, B12 and Zinc provable prevents hair loss and leads to healthier and thicker hair.

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Your hair is indulged by complex combination of vitamins and minerals. These are mixed to give your hair shine, strength and overall vitality. Hair nourish is a matter of course.

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Happy Hair Stories


Bloom Hair helps not just growing your hair, but it helps with everything – with split ends, with damage and helps make your hair so shiny. You see results so quick – within 3 weeks to a month. Haley and Jordan @haleyandjordan7

You will see results in one or two weeks. I have noticed so much difference in my hair. My hair became less freezy, they are really smooth and silky. Emily Philpott @emilydianephilpott

Bloom Hair it is not just about hair growth but also about the thickness and my hair feel really strong. Emily Jane @emilyjane._

My hair feels significantly stronger and I definitely see the growth. And after one month I already see difference in the lenght. Hannah Ashton @misshannahashton

Such an amazing product that gets the job done! RESULTS QUICKLY! I´ve been using this for a month and I can already see a difference. My hair is definitely longer! It´s so refreshing to have a product for my hair that actually works! Mel @gunnsgirls

I have been taking these vitamins for a while and I’m totally obsessed with them! They have helped my hair become thicker and longer! 😍 Jessica

You will see results in one or two weeks. I have noticed so much difference in my hair. My hair became less freezy, they are really smooth and silky. Emily @emilydianephilpott

I’m using my back tattoo as a reference point. I’m happy These vitamins are nourishing my hair back to life, it feels stronger and it looks healthier and shiny! Bloom Hair is my jam 🙌🏻💁🏻‍♀️💕 Nadia @nadiamichelbeauty

Another month with @bloomhair came to an end and I'm really grateful for the result❤️ my hair has become really stronger and longer in the last few months, before that I always had problems with breakage but it is gone now 😊😍 Vanessa @nessavanmai

I am obsessed with these hair vitamins from Bloom Hair. This is my 6th week taking them and I can see a huge difference already not only is my hair getting longer it’s also looking more healthy and thicker. Kate


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